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Exercise with a playground swing is fun, fast, and very effective!

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Fitness Books and Programs... Featuring the Swing Set Fitness BooksSwing Fitness: Great exercise for core, chest, legs, and more!Swing Set Fitness... Renegade Row exercise on a playground swing.Swing Set Fitness... Exercise with a playground swing is fun, unique, and effective! Swing Set Fitness... Exercise with a playground swing is fun, unique, and effective! Swing Set Fitness... Exercise with a playground swing is fun, unique, and effective!

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Exercise with a swing for a unique challenge. These outdoor exercises and workouts are fun, fast, and very effective!

Fitness Books: Swing Set Fitness books have exercises performed with a playground swing. These outdoor workouts are effective and FUN! Books and concept created by Karen Goeller.

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Fitness Books: Gain strength with fun and unique exercise!


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Fitness Books: Exercise with a playground swing!

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Nutrition Article: Yes an apple a day really does keep the doctor away!

By Dr. Joe Kasper

This article is NOT available for reprint or use in any format without written permission from the author, Dr. Joe Kasper.


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Donít believe it? Iíll prove it. Apples canít guarantee youíll never see a doctor again, but they're incredibly healthy for you in many ways: Lots of fiber, vitamins, healthy sugars, minerals, and a whole lot more.


Apples contain Quercetin, a flavonoid that has demonstrated in scientific studies to prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells. Guys careful pay attention!

Studies also show that the phytochemicals in the skin of an apple blocked the reproduction of cancer cells. Even the National Cancer Institute agrees that apples can reduce the risk of lung cancer.


Thereís a lot of talk about taking antioxidant supplements. But I question whether itís necessary, because if you eat the right foods, like apples, for example, now you have the real deal, plus itís delicious and affordable! Remember cancer and heart disease, and many other conditions, are in part caused by damage to the cells and DNA by oxidation.


Apples have a super high concentration of what scientists call phenolic compounds; a biochemical active substance belonging to the flavonoid group. There are thousands of them and they are all good for you.


Apples are Number 1! When compared to all other fruits, apples have the highest portion of free phenolics (one of the antioxidants in apples) and by free, I mean that they are not attached to other compounds in the fruit, making them more available for absorption into your bloodstream and providing your body with real nutrients.


Apples have also been linked to lowering levels of asthma and diabetes. This could be a direct correlation with the pectin contained in an apple, which is a valuable source of soluble fiber, which balances sugar levels.


And I almost forgot to mention that apples possess the minerals boron and calcium, which are important in building bone. A tasty way to fight osteoporosis and arthritis.


I personally eat 2 apples everyday (Iím eating one as I write this). I highly recommend that you do as well!


Now you know why an apple a day will keep the doctor away!


Dr. Joe Kasper

877 347-7839




PS: If at all possible go with organic Apples. Eating food without poisons will provide you with the most amounts of nutrients and antioxidants. Not a surprise!


PPS: Enjoy ďTasty Tuesdays ďvideo on apples and share it with the world, www.FireYourDiet.com.



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"Karen Goeller is a person who teaches people how to get healthy through her expertise as an Exercise Therapist. She is one of the most knowledge people that I have ever met in regard to exercise prescription and the utilization of equipment for exercise.  She is outstanding with all populations from children through adult. Karen is also honorable and driven to always be successful." 

Joe Kasper, Owner Fire Your Diet, Inc.

"What a great experience this was. Very very impressed...

Wonderful product.

I have a plethora of books on shelves. I do believe I will now be referencing Karen Goeller's Fitness Programs more than any other now. I'm inspired!"

Dan Milligan


"Excellent product. Awesome seller. So very happy. A+++++"

Lee Bovis


"Excellent service. Much appreciated. Will use again. Many thanks."

A. Sharp


"I was so impressed. I loved the stretching exercises. These exercises are versatile for athletes of different sports.
I canít wait to use some of these ideas.

M. Soto-Staniszewski, NY


"When I showed my children the book and then did the exercises at the park, they thought it was a blast!"


ďAwesome concept. I really like this because all the exercises engage core muscles.Ē
L. Ross, NJ


"Brilliant product. Thanks. Everything perfect. Great communication. Awesome seller."

L. Bovis, UK


"Innovative, creative, and best of all challenging and effective. Be in for a surprise because it will challenge your fittest athlete."

C.C., CA


"There are great exercises in this book ... itís always great to try new

and different exercises.Ē
R. Patria, NJ


"Great job Karen! I thought this was very clever..."
B. Morgan, NJ


ďThis swing set fitness book is amazing! Now my kids won't be the only ones exercising when I take them to the park"
I. Murray, NY


"What an innovative way to utilize playground equipment...Ē
W. Galloway, NJ



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