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Fitness Article: First the Snow, Then the Muscle Soreness…

By Karen Goeller, CSCS

Copyright © Goeller This article is not for reprint without written permission from the author.


So think about it... You exercise at least three times each week, you like what you see in the mirror, and you think you're in pretty good shape. Right? You might look and feel great, but you have not specifically trained for the task of shoveling.
The snow storm hits and you have to shovel the driveway, dig your car out, and then maybe build a snowman. You move the snow quickly in the beginning and you think it will be less dreadful than last winter's snow storm so you keep up the pace. You do not stop to rest so you shovel for hours, you then help the neighbors, and then you play with the kids in the snow. And after that you go on with the rest of your day as if it were like any other. Is shoveling after a blizzard really like any other day? No. And you WILL feel it in the morning!
Fitness Article: Muscle Soreness after the Snow StormSo you know it was not like any other day because you might only shovel once each winter, if that much. SO what happens after your day of nonstop activity in the freezing weather? A few hours later the muscle stiffness kicks in and then you realize that maybe you are not as fit as you thought. You are not in "shoveling shape." You feel like you moved mountains (pun intended!) so you are satisfied with your job, but you ache. You probably think you can deal with a LITTLE stiffness or even soreness... until the next day when you wake up and every muscle hurts. You can’t get out of bed because you are so sore. Now what?
Your back, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, and muscles you did not realize that you have are burning. It is intense, more than you expected. So why is it that you are in "good shape" but you are so sore from shoveling? Think about it...

When you exercise at the gym you might perform 2-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions per exercise. Maybe you perform 2-3 exercises per muscle group, but most people only perform 1 set. So how many times on average during your last 10-20 workouts did each muscle group contract? Yes, there is math involved in training. Do the math with the highest possible numbers... 4 sets of each exercise x 15 reps in each set = 60 reps per exercise. Then you perform 3 different exercises per muscle group so it is 60 reps x 3 = 180. It is unlikely that you normally perform these numbers, but possible. The total number of times your muscles have contracted might be 180 times during a workout.

Now let's factor in for distractions such as the time when you see someone at the gym and stop to talk, when you miss an exercise because someone else is using the equipment, or for those days when you miss a workout completely. So maybe you have not been doing as much as 180 reps per muscle group each workout or maybe you have only performed 2 sets of each exercise x 15 reps in each set, a total of 30 reps per exercise. You only perform one exercise per muscle group so the total number of muscle contractions is only 30 for the workout. That is more typical for the average fitness enthusiast and so much less than a day of shoveling. Remember, it only adds up to 30 reps per muscle group.
So, why all of the math when we are discussing exercise and snow? Have you counted the number of times you squatted, lifted snow with the shovel, returned to the standing position, and then threw the snow? Remember, that is NOT the same as a simple body weight squat exercise. It is not even the same as performing traditional squats with either dumbbells or a barbell. There was a large amount of weight (resistance) involved with each repetition, the movements were not typical of your regular exercises, and there were too many repetitions for your fitness level. Were the shovels full of snow heavier than you normally use for exercise? I'd bet they were and definitely not the correct amount of resistance for your fitness level. Have you weighed a shovel full of snow lately? You might be surprised at how much snow you lifted, tossed, and lifted again without even thinking about it.
Think about it. You may have been out there shoveling nonstop for two or more hours. Do you normally exercise NONSTOP at the gym for two hours, forget to drink fluids, and use much more resistance than the recommended amount of weight? How many times did you lift a shovel filled with snow, walk with it, and then toss the snow somewhere else? Your regular exercise routine, using traditional exercises, does not prepare you for the high number of repetitions or the awkward movements that you performed when you were out there shoveling. Shoveling or performing any movement for more than 20 repetitions nonstop requires muscle endurance besides strength. Most people who exercise a few times each week prepare for either strength or weight loss, not for muscle endurance. So you have literally over worked your muscles and you ARE paying for it with intense soreness or pain. (You should seek medical attention if you are in pain.)
You may only need a few days rest, but there are other things you can do to feel a little more comfortable. Take a warm bath for at least 20 minutes and then GENTLY stretch to ease the stiffness. If you are not sure how to stretch the muscles that are stiff I can help you in person or you can check out the stretching workout at www.Legs-Plus.com. And while you are there, check out the Legs Plus workouts because they will help better prepare you for sudden changes in your activity level, including shoveling snow! Be sure to drink plenty of fluids because you may have become dehydrated.
There is a group of people out there who may not be so sore from suddenly shoveling for two hours, athletes. Many athletes already train for muscle endurance. Gymnasts, soccer players, skaters, and long distance runners, to name a few, train for muscle endurance. Why mention athletes? You may want to ask an athlete for help shoveling the next time it snows. Or better yet, start training like one! Of course, if you need help with training you can contact me directly. I train clients through email and in person. The information on my training services is at www.StrengthTeacher.com.


By Karen Goeller, CSCS

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Joe Kasper, Owner Fire Your Diet, Inc.

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I can’t wait to use some of these ideas.

M. Soto-Staniszewski, NY


"When I showed my children the book and then did the exercises at the park, they thought it was a blast!"


Awesome concept. I really like this because all the exercises engage core muscles.
L. Ross, NJ


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L. Bovis, UK


"Innovative, creative, and best of all challenging and effective. Be in for a surprise because it will challenge your fittest athlete."

C.C., CA


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and different exercises.”
R. Patria, NJ


"Great job Karen! I thought this was very clever..."
B. Morgan, NJ


This swing set fitness book is amazing! Now my kids won't be the only ones exercising when I take them to the park"
I. Murray, NY


"What an innovative way to utilize playground equipment...”
W. Galloway, NJ



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